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What is BCM Collective?
BCM Collective is a weekly worship night for College Students and Young Leaders (typically 17-25 year olds) in Conway, AR and surrounding areas. Each week BCM Collective consists of severals songs, teaching from the Bible, and dedicated time to get to know new friends and reconnect with old ones.
What should I expect on my first night?

Regardless of where you park around our downtown location you will be able to immediately see both where BCM Collective is and where you should enter. As you approach the building you will undoubtedly be greeted by the friendly faces of our welcome team who will walk you through a very brief check-in process (everyone who comes to BCM Collective gets a name-tag every week to enable everyone to get to know new people). You will encounter people casually hanging out around free coffee, drinks, and snacks prior to BCM Collective starting at 7pm. A few minutes before 7pm a countdown timer will start on our screens ushering people to find a seat (seats are never reserved so you don’t have to fret about being in the wrong place). For the next hour there will be songs with words on the screens and teaching from the Bible. After this and before 8:30 we will conclude the night, though many will continue to hang out long after BCM Collective is over.

Where is BCM Collective?

BCM Collective meets in downtown Conway at 1073 Front Street between Blue Sail Coffee and The Black Orange. Each Monday, our signs are put in front of the building to clearly mark our location and friendly faces are always standing around to greet you.


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When is BCM Collective and how long does it last?
Each week doors open at 6:40pm and BCM Collective begins at 7pm. We are always completely finished with activities by 8:30, though people will often continue to hang out much later.
Who is BCM Collective for?
BCM Collective is for any college student or young leader (high school seniors or young professionals). The crowd is most consistently made of up 17-25 year olds.
Is BCM Collective a church?
BCM Collective is not a church. BCM Collective is the weekly worship night of Conway Baptist Collegiate Ministry, a ministry to college students supported by over 1,500 Arkansas Baptist churches. Because BCM is not a church, we will introduce you to a plethora of opportunities to connect to local churches in worship, discipleship, and in service. BCM Collective is a unique opportunity for collegians from multiple churches to come together in a united front to exalt God through growing in Christ, connecting to His church, and serving His world.
Can I get a ride to BCM Collective?

Yes! We have both guys and gals who are committed to giving rides to those who do not have transportation to get downtown. Contact Ryan Scantling, our BCM campus minister, and he will coordinate with you to get you a ride.

(479) 264-5405

Why is BCM Collective not on campus?
For years BCM met on UCA’s campus, however, out of a desire to truly become a ministry to all college students and young leaders in our area BCM launched BCM Collective in downtown Conway where parking is more accessible and where we can more easily engage all students. BCM Collective is located just a short walk away from Hendrix and is within a few minutes drive from UCA and CBC.
Why the name BCM Collective?

BCM Collective comes out of a desire to keep our identity as Baptist Collegiate Ministry, but also to become known as a collection of multiple students from multiple college campuses involved in multiple churches united together in a collective purpose to exalt God through growing in Christ, connecting to His church, and serving His world.

And our student leaders thought it sounded cool 🙂

Who leads BCM Collective?
Each week may look a bit different, but typically BCM Collective will be led predominately by college students with a BCM staffer leading the teaching portion of the night.
Does coming to BCM Collective obligate me to anything?
Other than a night of fun, nope. BCM Collective is no strings attached. We truly hope that you will join us at least once to see if this is the place for you, but, if after joining us you determine that BCM is not a good fit for you, we would love to help connect you to another great campus ministry and church in town.
Does BCM Collective cost anything?
Nope. On rare occasions there will be opportunities to do special things (buy shirts, go on trips, etc.) that will have the potential to cost, but we will never require people to pay to be a part of BCM Collective.
Other than BCM Collective, does BCM do anything?

We are so glad you asked! BCM has groups in which you can do life with other people, leadership investment in which you can grow as a leader, missions opportunities around the world, and some super cool weekend events. However, all this awesomeness is too awesome for one website to handle, you’ll have to go here to learn more:

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“BCM was really a blessing in helping me get plugged into a local church. The coolest part is being able to gather with multiple students from multiple churches with the same goal of reaching out to our campus” Tyler Gasaway

UCA Class of 2019

“If you are seeking a place to gather with other collegiate believers from many churches in order to reach your campus and live life more for the glory of God, then be a part of BCM!” Ben Gipson

CBC Class of 2017

“The BCM has been a special place…my involvement has been a highlight of my college career.” Katie Gould

UCA Class of 2018

“BCM has blessed me with the opportunity to surround myself with other Christian students as well as bring me closer with the Lord. I love everything about the BCM and I would recommend everyone come to BCM Collective!” Caleb Wunstel

UACCM Class of 2019

“I’m so thankful to be a part of the BCM! It is so great to be able to get together and worship and have fellowship with others” Sydney Farquharson

UCA Class of 2019

BCM Collective

1073 Front Street, Conway AR